Angela + Nick // Norfolk Engagement Session

It feels like forever ago that I photographed Angela & Nick's gorgeous engagement shoot! They brought their adorable dog Chester along with them. It was a chilly and windy day and he was the happiest dog running around carrying sticks and laying in muddy puddles, life is messy though right?!

I've since photographed Angela & Nick's wedding (where Chester attended too, but no laying in muddy puddles this time!) Their wedding will be up on the blog soon but for now I wanted to share their engagement session as they are such a fun couple!

Abi + Brad // Norwich Castle, Norfolk Summer Wedding

Abi & Brad got married on the 3rd September 2016. They had their ceremony at Norwich Castle, followed by a reception at Oasis Leisure Centre in Thorpe St Andrew. 

I adored photographing their wedding and I know I say this about every wedding I photograph but it was so easy to capture the love between them, they were just so gloriously happy all day long. 

The morning started off at Abi's parents house where all the girls where busy getting ready. It also started off quite sunny, up until we got to Norwich Castle, where the weather decided that it wanted to rain for the entire day. It didn't dampen their moods though and both Abi & Brad continued their special day with the biggest smiles, sweet looks of love and even braved the rain for some outdoor couple shots (they even ditched the umbrella at one point - which let to some of my favourite shots)

It's now just over a year from their wedding and they are expecting a baby around the same time as me, they will make such wonderful parents. It was a pleasure to capture all the memories from their beautiful day and I wish them all the best with their next chapter!


Venue: Norwich Castle

Make Up Artist: Laura Dossett

Florist: Mae-Rose Florists

Dress Boutique: Camilla Brides

Cake: Angela (brides friend and one of my lovely 2017 brides!)

Claire + Stuart // The Rivergarden, Norfolk Summer Wedding

Claire & Stuart were married on 20th August 2016 at Thorpe St Andrew Church, which is one of the sweetest churches, followed by their reception at The Rivergarden.

I adored photographing their wedding, they are such a fun couple to photograph, so relaxed and in love. They also made sure their 3 children were completely involved in the day which made for some beautiful moments. 

The day started at The Oaklands Hotel, just a short way from the church where Claire, her mum and bridesmaids were getting ready. Claire looked absolutely stunning in her dress! 

The walk from the church to The Rivergarden was a really lovely moment to capture and everything was decorated beautifully. Thankfully it was a warm and dry day so the guests made the most of sitting outside right by the river for food and speeches. 

We also managed to get a little bit of golden hour for Claire & Stuart's couple shots by the river which are some of my favourite shots from the day. 


Venue: The Rivergarden

Hairdresser: Xena Mitchelle Hairdressing

Make Up Artist: Leanne's Little Beauty's

Florist: Samantha Powell - Little Flower Shop

Dress Boutique: City Brides

Ana + Tom // Manor Mews, Norfolk Spring Wedding

I'm so happy to finally blog this beautiful wedding I photographed back on 7th May 2016. 

I met Ana & her bridesmaids at her house while they were getting ready and it was such a fun and relaxed morning. I think Ana was the most chilled out bride, ever. I loved the moment her neighbours saw her outside before she was on her way to the church, they were so sweet and excited for her. 

Tom and Ana were married in a beautiful church ceremony in Snettisham, it was a beautiful sunny day, they had their reception at the stunning Manor Mews. 

The rustic and pastel toned detail they put in to their wedding was gorgeous to photograph, they are the most beautiful couple and you can tell they are so in love.

I loved everything about their wedding, from the gorgeous dresses to the decor. Ana even threw her bouquet which rarely happens but made for some amazing images.


Venue: Manor Mews

Cake: Debelicious Cakes

Band: New Level Entertainment

Florist: Swaffham & Fakenham Florist

Camper: VWCamper4Weddings

Becky + Marco // The Red Barn, Norfolk Spring Wedding

Becky & Marco got married on the 9th April 2016. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I photographed their perfect day!

I met with Becky, her parents & her bridesmaids at a beautiful cottage down a really long country lane in Norfolk. Becky was having her hair done when I got there and she looked stunning. My favourite moments of the morning was when Becky put on her beautiful lace wedding dress, with help from her lovely mum and the sweet moment her dad saw her come down the cottage stairs when she was ready.

Next I headed to The Red Barn, where they would be spending the rest of their day. The Red Barn is my favourite venue (my wedding venue!) I was so happy that this was the second time I’d be photographing a wedding here this year. Becky had decorated the venue beautifully, with décor hire from The Little Lending Company.

I met with Marco and the guys when I got there who all looked very smart, their ceremony was so beautiful to witness and even ended with Marco putting his fist in the air as he kissed his new wife.

They had everything from bubbles instead of confetti, lawn games, sweet table, a polaroid guest book, hilarious speeches, sparklers, fun dancing & of course, lots and lots of love.

Pre Wedding Shoot - What To Wear?

What to wear for an engagement shoot is a really common question & it's important to get it right since your photos will be memories you keep forever. The most important thing is to be yourself. I want to capture who you are as a couple and show your personalities. If you wear something you don't feel comfortable in, it will show in the photos. Below are some tips to help you achieve your perfect engagement shoot look. 

1. Coordinate but don't match.

Try not to both wear the same shade, wear different colours that compliment each other. For example: Imagine wearing a yellow dress, it would be too much for your partner to also be in a yellow shirt. Either a grey or navy shirt and some smart dark jeans would go well with the yellow dress. Compliment each other, don't blend in to one.

2. Try not to wear anything with any logos.

Logos, characters, labels and graphics can really make a professional shoot look 'less professional' What may be a fashionable label now, may date your photos in ten years time when that's no longer a known label. It also can really draw your eye away from the most important focus point of the photograph if you're wearing a big character face on your top so try to avoid these things as much as possible.

3. White's blend in, colours pop.

White is beautiful, but in moderation. Make sure you add some colour somewhere if you want to stand out. For example, a colourful statement necklace, bright shoes, a colourful handbag or a hat. Any bit of colour can really make your photographs pop.

4. Accessorize, add colour and interest

Hats, flowers in your hair, jewellery, jumpers & jackets. These accessories can take your styling from 'Good' to 'Amazing', but try not to overdo it. The viewer should notice you first. Accessories can really help personalise your photos. They are also great to add as the photo shoot goes on, so instead of outfit changes, you can add accessories to make multiple different looks. Soft silk scarves look amazing blowing in the wind and your partner could wear a jacket which you could hold as you pull him close for a photo. 

5. Add layers and texture

Layer up with colour and add texture with different materials, Tulle skirts, lace tops, chunky jumpers, embroidery, ribbons and ruffles! These details and added depth look incredible in black and white images. Follow your own vision & style and use what works best for you.

6. Props

Who doesn't love props? They are so much fun & sometimes make you feel more relaxed. Try not bring too much, less is more. Maybe a simple lace parasol, pick some wild flowers to hold, a basket of apples, picnic blanket, milk bottles filled with your favourite drink and cute straws, or if it's on the beach, why not get ice cream? If you love your pets, bring them too. Horses and dogs make excellent companions for your engagement shoot photos. 

7. The shoes make a difference

Try not to wear your old trainers, unless they are fun converse ones which go with your style for the shoot. Boots, wedges, colourful ballet flats or wellie boots always look amazing. Sometimes, no shoes look good too!  

8. Don't date yourself

This is your own personal choice but try not to wear anything 'too fashionable' your images will date quicker. Maybe something classic and slightly vintage as these will make your images timeless.

9. Add some movement

We can dance on your shoot if you want to, clothes that flow and have movement always look amazing in photographs. Dresses or skirts that flow behind you as you walk, ones that flare out with ease as you spin. All of these make for such breathtaking images. If you want to wear a ballgown and a tux and dance around gardens of a grand home then that's fine too. We can make your shoot as magical as you'd like. Almost anything goes. 

10. Make sure you are both comfortable

Don't make yourself uncomfortable, if your idea of getting dressed up is wearing nice jeans and a pretty top - then wear that. I would never want for my couples to feel like they had to wear something that just isn't 'them'. It would definitely show in your photos! If you are a girl that lives in dresses and heels, then wear that! Just make sure whatever you are wearing makes you feel confident.

11. Wear patterns in moderation

Patterns look beautiful, draw your eye in and add texture to an image, but don't overdo it. Too much isn't always a good thing. For example: If you are wearing a floral dress, don't dress your partner in a stripey shirt, a plain shirt would look much better. 

12. Take your location into consideration

If you are having your shoot on the beach, I would avoid stiletto heels. Dress for your surroundings. When at the beach, a flowing dress, flip flops or bare feet and a floppy hat would be perfect or if you are having a more vintage location, like a fairground, dress in vintage and make sure your outfits are bright and colourful, maybe even a bow tie? 


- Have your hair and make up done professionally (unless you prefer to do your own hair & makeup)
- Embrace bold colours
- Bring props
- Relax, have fun & enjoy (I promise you'll love how you look when you just let go & enjoy yourselves)


- Anything with logos, graphics, characters & labels.
- Don't get a haircut the day before, let it grow out a week before for a more natural look.
- Avoid wearing the same colour (for example: both in a white t-shirt and jeans)
- Try not to pick a current trend, it will date your photos quicker.
- Avoid old trainers (fun converse are fine!)

If you are stuck for ideas, have a look at my past engagement shoots on my blog, you can take inspiration from their locations, outfits and props. There are so many possibilities, from simple and classic ideas to ones inspired by your favourite movie or book.

Good luck, I can't wait to photograph your pre wedding shoot!

Best Of... 2016

For me, 2016 has been an incredible year. This year I photographed more weddings that any year previous, and to top it off I decided to try and travel more. It's been hectic but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have put my heart and soul in to every wedding I've captured this year.

I feel blessed to be able to capture all that raw emotion you experience at weddings, every fleeting look of love, every tear of joy, every silly dance. It's been incredible and for that I have every bride and groom that chose me to photograph one of the most important days of their lives to thank. So thank you, because without you, I wouldn't get to do what I love. 

This year I have photographed.. Engagements in breathtaking locations, countless amounts of confetti, true love, the sweetest moments of emotional parents, rain, rain and more rain! I've captured proud grandparents, the foggiest Halloween wedding, childhood sweethearts finally tying the knot, a newborn calf at a wedding, stunning sunsets and new love later on in life, and many many more touching moments. 

I think the photographs speak for themselves, so without further ado. Here's to 2016! I hope that all the wonderful newlyweds & families I have photographed this year had a Merry Christmas and here's to 2017, which I hope will bring the same amount of love I experienced this year. 

Whimsical Woodland Fairy Bride // Styled Shoot, Norfolk

Today's blog post is more of a personal project for me. I am always thinking up shoot ideas and this bridal inspiration one has been on my mind for a long time. So I got in touch with a very good friend who's a pro at doing her own hair and make up, the dress a cheap one from china (yes sometimes the risk is worth it) we layered it with a satin skirt underneath and a grey silk ribbon round the waist. The flowers were store bought and put together by my lovely mum, we also added a couple of long flowing ribbons to make them extra dreamy. The hair piece was actually something I bought for my own wedding but changed my mind on. 

We headed to Wolferton late afternoon and got incredibly lucky with the light. I think we can all agree that Sophie is absolutely stunning. 

I hope you all enjoy this whimsical woodland bridal inspiration! 

Abi + Brad // Salhouse Broad. Norfolk Engagement Session

It's been such a busy year so far and I'm finally getting round to blogging some of this years engagement shoots, starting with Abi + Brad.

I met them at Salhouse Broad in Norfolk, a completely new location for me and it was gorgeous!

They also brought their little dog Percy along with them who was a lovely addition to the shoot. Abi looked so stylish in her yellow coat and we even found a hidden area full of bluebells.

I photographed Abi & Brad's wedding back in September and it was beautiful, keep an eye out for when I blog their wedding soon!

Clare + Alex // The Red Barn, Norfolk Spring Wedding

Clare & Alex got married 5th March 2016. I met them for their ceremony at Emneth Church which was an absolutely beautiful ceremony. After we went to The Red Barn for their reception. Everywhere was decorated in pretty fairy lights & daffodils.

Clare's hair was beautifully done with gypsophila, she wore a stunning lace and blush/champagne dress and a beautiful throw to keep her warm, the men wore navy blue suits and green ties to fit with the theme and the bridesmaids dresses.

There was also a calf born during their wedding in the barn next door (photographed within the first few hours of it's life). Clare & Alex had truly the most stunning day and they are such an amazing couple. It was a pleasure to photograph their special day.

Grace // Milk Bath Session, Norfolk

Something a little different on my blog today! 

I asked Grace if she would mind being my model so I could have a go at Milk Bath photography and it went amazingly well. 

All natural light, lots of powdered milk & a big bunch of pretty flowers (not forgetting a beautiful model) made this shoot & I'm so happy with the outcome. Sometimes it's nice to step away for a bit and use my mind to create something different. 




Ana + Tom // Wolferton Village, Norfolk Engagement Session.

Ana & Tom booked in to have their engagement photos taken in January, but that morning it chucked it down with rain so we made the decision to re book for a later date and I am so glad we waited as we were lucky to get some sunshine and blue skies, in February! We met in Wolferton village first, before heading towards the royal station and then to my favorite spot, Wolferton woods. 

Ana & Tom are getting married in May and I am so excited to photograph their special day. They are a wonderful couple & just look at Ana's eyes, such a pretty colour! 

Clare + Alex // Snettisham Beach, Norfolk Engagement Session.

Clare + Alex had their engagement shoot on Snettisham Beach, the same beach where Alex actually proposed which I thought was really sweet & romantic. It's not very often I get to photograph a couple in the exact area where they got engaged. 

They are getting married on March 5th, and after hearing about all their plans I am so excited to capture their day. 

Jo + Elliott // Congham Hall, Norfolk Christmas Wedding

Jo & Elliott got married on the 12th December 2015. This was the last of my 2015 weddings and boy was it a good one! 

I arrived on a cold and wet morning to Congham Hall and the decorations around the venue were so Christmassy and beautiful.

I met with Jo and her girls all getting ready in one of the rooms and it was all very relaxed. Jo's flowers were by Swaffham & Fakenham Florist and they were stunning & her cake was made by her lovely mum. Jo's make up was done by Becky Pochetty of No.4 and her hair was done by Terry Boldero. Her bridesmaids looked gorgeous in their dresses and Jo looked amazing in her beautiful dress.

The ceremony was so sweet and relaxed, the rain even stopped for a little while so we could get a few photos outside. Their whole day was perfect from start to finish, it was a pleasure to photograph their special day & a great end to a year of photographing wonderful weddings!

Charlotte + James // Elms Barn, Norfolk Summer Wedding

Charlotte & James got married on August 15th 2015! Their whole day was held at Elms Barn which is such a stunning venue. I couldn't wait to photograph their day as Charlotte & James are such an amazing couple!

As soon as I met them I knew they would have a fantastic wedding to photograph and I was right, it was incredible.

From the location to all the little details, everything was simply perfect. They had one of the most emotional ceremonies I have ever photographed! We were spoilt for choice for their couple shots with beautiful walled gardens and even a field of sunflowers. Charlotte and her bridesmaids certainly knew how to have fun. I don't think I have ever had a group of bridesmaids and a bride so willing to spin around, jump and run into a field of sunflowers for photos. It goes to show, although you may not want to get your dresses dirty, some of the best photographs are taken when you just let go and have fun.

There is so much more I could say about their beautiful day, but I'll let the photographs do the talking..

Abi + Simon // Narborough Hall, Norfolk Summer Wedding

Abi & Simon got married on July 18th 2015! And what a beautiful wedding. From start to finish, you can really see the effort and detail they had both put in to planning their perfect day. 

Narborough Hall is a truly stunning venue, the grounds flowers were out in full bloom, and Abi & Simon had chosen purple tones that matched the grounds and it all came together beautifully. They had an outdoor ceremony (a first for me!) right by a lake. I think one of my favourite moments of the day though was when they walked back inside the venue and had the 'official' ceremony with just their close family. It was at this point, when the nerves had gone, and the reality of it had all sunk in that you could just see how happy and deeply in love Abi & Simon were.

We had glorious weather throughout the whole day, even a little bit golden hour where they trusted me to dance around, I think these were some of my favourite images from the day.

What. A. Wedding!! I'll let the images speak for themselves...